kExpcalc is a Dungeons & Dragons calculator and DM tool. It is meant to be useful both for players as well as game masters, taking away some of the mundane work involved with playing a well thought out D&D adventure.


  • Experience calculator
  • Encounter balance calculator (EL/CR/Treasure)
  • Scroll, Potion, Wand, and Staff cost calculator
  • NPC generator (Linux Only)
  • Equipment in NPC Generator
  • Calculator for "Craft" skill costs (Linux Only)

Planned Features

  • Spells in NPC Generator
  • NPC Save feature
  • Encounter generator (including monsters)
  • Encounter saving
  • NPC Generator for MacOS
  • Craft calculator for MacOS



  • KDE 3.5
  • SQLite Support in QT libraries


  • MacOS Version 10.4.4 or higher
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