About Us

There are 3 developers working on kExpcalc these days.

  • Agathezol (Project maintainer, programmer)
  • Starlance (Data management, testing)
  • psymin (Testing, planning)

We are all gamers. The project started as a means for Agathezol to learn to write some KDE code. At that time we were having difficulty remembering how to tally up experience at the end of our D&D adventures and an automated tool seemed like a good idea, so he wrote one. It quickly gained the ability to calculate scroll and potion costs and as the party grew so did the program to meet the needs.

NPC generation is tedious and time consuming, but important if you want varied adventures and interesting encounters. To help reduce the time spent creating NPCs we tried a number of online generation tools. Some were pretty decent, others not so much. Many decisions seemed either really random or too fixed. The NPCs frequently wouldn't have equipment, or if they did it didn't affect things like their overall AC or modify their skill checks. In short, they seemed somewhat lacking in complexity and/or completeness. We decided to change that and build one that gives complete NPCs. Even though it has turned out to be a very large job, we believe we're doing alright.

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