kExpcalc-0.9 Released

I released kexpcalc-0.9 today. It is a bugfix release correcting some logic errors and oversites discovered while porting the code to MacOSX.

April 2, 2008 08:58AM MDT | Agathezol

MacOSX Update

Okay, I've been working on the OSX port of kexpcalc. It is coming along. I have to say I do like OSX developement. XCode is a great application and the interface tools are like heaven. That said, I haven't started work on the NPC Generator as of yet and am still debating porting the item creation tool. Something about having the computer do the dice rolls just doesn't feel right in terms of practical use. If someone has feedback o this for me I'd appreciate it.

March 12, 2008 02:50PM MDT | Agathezol

Progress Report

It has been a while since I worked on the kexpcalc project. I'm sorry about that. I had a new baby and things have been pretty hectic since then. I'm back to looking at it now though. Fixing some of the bugs and looking at possibly porting it to MacOSX in the spring so I can learn some OSX development. I should have a new release in the near future to address some of the bugs in the v0.8 release.

Jan 3, 2008 10:58AM MST | Agathezol

Kexpcalc v0.8 Released

Kexpcalc-0.8 has been released. The new version now requires that SQLite be built into QT/KDE in order for the program to function properly. The NPC generator has been included in the default build and the Weapon and Armor craft calculations are now available. Some preferences can be set in the preferences menu.

Aug 29, 2007 12:40PM MDT | Agathezol

Progress report

Still plugging away at it. Equipment classes have been created and implementation for the decisions on what to take is moving forward. As usual you can download the svn version of the program if you want to see current progress. The data is in the database to implement craft skill costs and such at this point. I will work on that the next time I'm on hold with the NPC generator. When that is done I will release a new version so the craft calculator can be used.

Aug 20, 2007 4:29PM MDT | Agathezol
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